Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Greg Taylor goes free

In recent news, the NC Innocence Inquiry Commission obtained the release of Greg Taylor, who was wrongfully convicted of murder in Wake County 17 years ago.

A major part of this case was fraud committed by SBI agent Deaver, who lied in his report, stating that blood was found in the defendant's car. There was a presumptive blood test at the scene, but the lab, using more sophisticated tests, found that it was in fact, not blood.

This is the same thing Deaver did in another case in 1993, that resulted in a death sentence for George Goode. Deaver told the jury that tests showed there was blood, when really he had only conducted this presumptive test. Thankfully, a federal court granted relief last year on this issue.

Sadly, this is not uncommon. Good defense attorneys can expose these overstatement by SBI lab personnel, but there is always a risk that the jury will believe them because they work for the state and are shrouded in its "neutrality."

I wonder how many other people are sitting in jail based on this kind of shotty evidence.

Hope Greg's sleeping the peaceful sleep of a free man tonight.

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