Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Election Results of Interest

Court of Appeals
Steven Walker to have run-off with Rick Elmore for his seat.
Jane Gray to have run-off for with Ann Calabria for her seat.

Durham County:
Freda Black and Doretta Walker to have run-off for McKown's district court seat.
Pat Evans to take Bushfan's district court seat.

Johnston County:
Susan Doyle (R) survives primary in bid for re-election as DA.

Wake County:

Kris Bailey and Dan Nagle to have run-off for Salisbury's seat.


Cabarrus County:
Roxann Vaneekhoven (R) re-elected as DA (no democrat in general).

Catawba/Burke/Caldwell County:
Jay Gaither (R) narrowly defeats challenger for DA.

Stanly County
Michael Parker (R) retains the DA job.

Union County:
John Snyder (R) re-elected as DA in close race. No democrat filed for the general.


Victor Erimeta said...

Oops! Saunders defeated Parker for the 20A DA Job. The data I had was just the Stanly County data.

sashastri said...

congrats! keep up the good work/this is a great presentation.

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