Thursday, August 19, 2010

SBI Saga Continues

Yesterday, Attorney General Roy Cooper announced that evidence was hidden and misreported in at least 190 cases from the serology department aof the SBI.

Three cases of hiding or falsifying evidence involve inmates who have been executed, including Desmond Keith Carter (left).

For the 187 cases where persons are still in prison or out, there is hope to correct these wrongs. We can look at these trials and see if the falsified evidence made a difference and, even worse, if it put innocent men in jail.

For these three men killed by the State of North Carolina, there is no meaningful relief available. The problem with final punishment, is it's premised on a system that works.

With recent findings of widespread racial discrimination in jury selection, capital charging and sentencing, and now news that the serology section lied and hid evidence regularly in murder cases, we cannot have any confidence that the system works.

Governor Purdue needs to commute the sentences of everyone on death row whose case was investigated by the SBI, before any more uncorrected mistakes are made.

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