Monday, November 8, 2010

Life for Wong, Death for Buckner

In Catawba County, the jury in Edwardo Wong's case is hopelessly deadlocked. Mr. Wong was convicted of the 1st degree murder of a State Highway Patrol office. The jury was deadlocked 6-6 on sentencing after deliberating for over a week. The State never offered Mr. Wong a plea and moved forward for death at the victim's widow's request. After over 8 weeks of trial testimony and 100s of thousands of dollars of money, the judge issued a sentence of life without the possibility of parole.

In McDowell County, a jury sentenced Stephen Bucker to death for a triple homicide, after less than three days of deliberation. Jury selection in that case began in mid-September. Buckner was convicted of killing his live-in girlfriend, his daughter, and a 14 year-old child who also lived in the home. The jury returned a death sentence on two of the counts, and life on one.


Victor Erimita said...

My understanding is that Buckner was given death for the killings of the two younger victims, and LWOP for the killing of his girlfriend.

I have no idea why the jury made that distinction.

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