Friday, January 28, 2011

Are 16 year olds minors?

Not in North Carolina. At 16, a child must be treated as an adult. Well, only in one area of law--criminal law. As such, may young adults are developing criminal records at a very young age and are being handled by the adult criminal justice system, rather than a system designed to fix errant youth behaviors

Recently, the bipartisan Youth Accountability Task Force completed a 2-year study of this issue and has recommended to the General Assembly that the age of majority for criminal laws be raised to 18. Under their recommendations, adult punishments would still be available in serious crimes, but for misdemeanors and non-violent low-level felonies, the juvenile justice system would be available to handle the matter and hopefully set youth on a proper path.

Such a path prevents 16 year old from getting convictions that can forever hamper their economic opportunities.

Read about it more here.

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