Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Peterson Case Back in the News

Attorneys for Michael Peterson (right) have filed a motion for appropriate relief in Durham County Superior Court, seeking a new trial in light of the SBI lab scandal.

Peterson was convicted in 2003 for the murder of his wife.

A major figure in the case was Duane Deaver, disgraced former SBI lab agent who was recently fired for hiding evidence and overstating conclusions. Deaver testified against Peterson, analyzing blood splatter found near the scene.

(From the N&O Article): During closing arguments, prosecutors urged jurors to believe Deaver, vouching for his honesty.

Former assistant district attorney Freda Black argued to jurors that to believe the defense experts who countered Deaver's testimony that jurors were "just going to have to believe that Duane Deaver is just a liar. And he had no reason in the world to come up here and lie to you."

It appears that closing argument may have just backfired.

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