Thursday, March 3, 2011

Capital Trials Move Forward

At the start of the week, there were five capital murder trials taking place in the State. Now, there are only three left:

Tony Summers: in Guilford County, is moving through the guilt evidence. Testimony has been entered from the medical examiner, who described the stabbing that killed the victim, and testimony from the victims two children (11 and 16) who were present during the murder and assaulted as well.

De'ante Harris: Robeson County. In jury selection.

Danny Thomas: Columbus County. In jury selection. Thomas is facing 4 counts of 1st degree murder. The murders occurred over a few months in late 2005.

Ebony Watson: Lee County. Pleaded guilty to second degree murder to in the beating death of her boyfriend's child. Watson received a probationary sentence (60 months of probation) with a suspended sentence of 94-122M hanging over her during probation. She had been incarcerated for nearly 21M pending trial.

Melba Slaydon: Randolph County. Pleaded guilty to 1st degree murder in exchange for the state tabling the death penalty against her and her son, who will likely be tried later this year.

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