Thursday, March 24, 2011

DA's Conference Answer to Scandal?

In response to the scandal, showing the state hid or mischaracterized blood evidence in hundreds of cases is simple, according to a statement released by Peg Dorer (left).

1) "The District Attorneys have found no cases where the guilt of the defendant was called into question." Excepting of course, Greg Taylor and Derrick Allen, who different courts have already released from prison due to lack of evidence of guilt... but I guess we're to just trust that there aren't any more innocents lurking in the hundreds of other cases.

2) "Director Peg Dorer said the N.C. Conference of District Attorneys has lobbied for changes to the discovery statute" That's right, lets just change the rules so we can hide with abandon... of course, the constitution can't be amended and these cases where exculpatory blood evidence was hidden would still be a problem... but without the discovery laws, it might simply have been a problem that went unnoticed.

Well, I guess the DA's Conference would probably be OK with that.

See article, here.

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