Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Four Capital Murder Trials Proceed Around the State

Four Capital murder trials are in process around the state:

Ebony Watson, in Lee County, is in jury selection. Ms. Watson is chaged with felony child abuse and murder of her boyfriend's son.

Melba Slaydon, in Randolph County, began jury selection Monday. Ms. Slaydon is charged with the mysterious death of her husband. Ms. Slaydon is 73, her husband was 83,

De'ante Harris, in Robeson County, began jury selection Monday. Mr. Harris is charged with shooting another man during an altercation. An officer was present trying to break up the fight when the shooting occurred.

Openings in the case of Tony Summers, in Guilford County, began Monday. Mr. Summers is charged with raping and murdering a woman in her home, and assaulting her children with a knife.

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Victor Eremita said...

Apparently I missed one. Jury selection also began in Columbus County (Whiteville, NC) on Monday.

Danny Thomas is charged with the murder of 4. This seems an expensive endeavor, given that Thomas is already serving a life sentence.