Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Murder Trials Proceed

In Iredell County, the capital murder trial of Al Bellamy is in jury selection. Mr. Bellamy is charged in a 2004 shooting that killed two people. Seven jurors have been seated.

In Guilford County, the state has rested in the case of Tony Summers. The defense has begun its case, apparently arguing that, due to Mr. Summers severe brain injury, he was unable to form the specific intent necessary for 1st degree murder (thus only liable for 2nd degree murder). To prove 1st degree murder, the state must prove that the assailant premeditated and deliberated, something that persons with diminished mental capacity cannot do.

In Columbus County, I could find no press in the case of Danny Thomas, so I assume it is still in jury selection. Likewise in the Robeson County case of De'ante Harris.

Also, next Monday, the capital murder trial of James Richardson is scheduled to start in Pitt County.

In Wake County, the state opened today in the non-capital murder trial of Brad Cooper are set to begin tomorrow. The defense will open tommorow morning. Press is too numerous to cite here...

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