Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Things Heat up in Brad Cooper Case

Yesterday, the defense began putting on evidence in the Brad Cooper case in Wake County.

After weeks of testimony, it appears the main evidence against Cooper is inuendo and records in his computer suggesting he googled the body dump site days before the murder.

The Defense attempted to begin their case by putting on forensic computer expert. The Judge refused to qualify the expert and limited his testimony. Cooper's lawyer, Howard Kurtz (right) had the following colloquy with Judge Gessner:

“I don't understand the court's order,” said Kurtz, clearly frustrated.

“What is it you don't understand?” responded Gessner. “He can testify as an expert witness in network security and vulnerability assessment of that system.

"But as far as any forensic analysis, I'm not going to allow him to testify to it, because I don’t believe he is properly qualified as a forensic analyst."

After the jury was scurried out of the court room, Kurtz asked for a mistrial.

"I believe your bias throughout this trial has become apparent...I believe your rulings have been consistently outside the bounds of prudent jurisprudence."


This case is a mess and seems to be getting messier. The press is a little vague on this, but apparently the day of the alleged web viewing, there were a bunch of "invalid time stamps"--presumably suggesting tampering. (Earlier in the trial, a detective testified that he "accidentally" erased the victim's cell phone data).

Press abounds. Some is here and here

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