Monday, May 16, 2011

Death Penalty Trial to Begin in Fayetteville

On Monday, the death penalty trial of Stanton Mark Moretti, Jr. is set to begin.

Moretti is charged with using his car to hit a man who was assaulting his wife. This one takes the cake for unbelievable death penalty cases.

This is the worst of the worst? Tough week for prosecutors, trying to the kill the a mentally feeble man in Pitt and a guy protecting his wife in Cumberland.

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Victor Eremita said...

Apparently, the case resolved for a 2nd degree murder plea.

Talk about a waste of resources-- the DA declaring it capital, then letting it plea to 2nd degree murder (7 to 20 years) on the eve of trial--after 2 years of it being a Capital Case (meaning extra lawyers for the defendant and a huge outlay of resources preparing for a potential capital sentencing hearing).