Thursday, May 5, 2011

Jury Deliberating in Brad Cooper Case

Jury is now starting day 3 (the first day was only 40 minutes of deliberations) of deliberating on the guilt or innocence of Brad Cooper.

The state's case was underwhelming, consisting largely of speculation and innuendo. The state lacks a clear theory of the case and was embarrassed a few times (e.g. claiming that porcelain ducks that were "missing" from the kitchen must have been broken during a death struggle, only to have the defense produce them from storage where they were placed weeks before).

Nonetheless, juries are notorious for setting low evidentiary standards in murder cases and Judge Gessner kept important defense evidence from the jury.

Watch the closing here and decide for yourself.

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Anonymous said...

An investigation into the Cary Police Dept can not come too soon..