Sunday, June 12, 2011

Evidence Mounts in Jason Young Trial

In Wake County, the 1st degree (non-capital) murder trial of Jason Young, for the killing of his wife, Michelle Young, continues.

The state's theory, in this case, is that Young left a business trip, drove home over night, killed his wife, and then returned to his business trip hotel--all to create an alibi.

In it's first week, the prosecution put on two pieces of evidence: (1) evidence an employee noticed that a hotel camera in Hillsville, Va was unplugged and a side door was propped open with a rock around 3:30am. Young had checked in that night at 11:00pm. and (2) evidence that Mr. Young stopped at a gas station in King, NC around 5:30am that night. The clerk, Gracie Dahms (pictured) remembered him because he cussed her out when she made him come inside to pay.

According to google (map below), the total trip (from Hillsville to Raleigh) would take about 3 hours. From Hillsville to King it's about an hour drive. With that timeline, it only really makes since that he would be coming back and stopping for gas, rather than stopping on the way there. But I don't know how narrow the time of death window is.

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