Friday, June 17, 2011

Jason Young: A Sordid Trial

Well, the Wake County DA's are at it again--turning their courtroom into a soap opera.

Yesterday, they called two more women to discuss their relationships with Mr. Young.

First, Genevieve Cargol (right), Mr. Young's ex-fiancee described their relationship, including an incident where he "threw her from bed to bed in a hotel room" to show that he is violent towards women... of course, this was in 1999, so seems of limited relevance.

Then, the state called Carol Ann Sowerby, another woman he had an affair with about a month before the killing.

Squeezed into all this was DNA evidence, Wednesday, found on 2 cigarette butts showing that two other men were present at the crime scene, as well as a hair that didn't match anyone. Also, some DNA on a jewelry box that was robbed during the crime that didn't match Young.

I think they also put on some footprint evidence, which is generally non-sense and shouldn't (but regularly is) even be allowed in evidence.

This one's starting to smell a little fishy... I guess they'll probably keep calling ex-girlfriends. Worked before...

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