Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Opening Statements today in Jason Young case

As noted in prior post, the press reported a very strong prosecution case.

Here's the defense's theory, from WRAL's site:

"Defense attorney Mike Klinkosum, however, said there was no forensic evidence, not even a drop of blood, linking his client to the crime and that there were two sets of adult footprints – a size 10 and a size 12 – near Michelle Young's body.

"Jason Lynn Young did not murder his wife. He did not murder their unborn son, and this case has not been solved," he said.

A private forensic analyst hired by Jason Young's family found a hair on a picture frame in the couple's bedroom that had a DNA profile matching neither the suspect nor the victim. Samples taken from a jewelry box also didn't match either's DNA profiles. Nor did two cigarette butts found in the garage and the doorway leading to the kitchen.

"That DNA came back to two separate male individuals who have not been identified," Klinkosum said.

Klinkosum admitted that there was trouble in the marriage – that his client was having an affair with his wife’s sorority sister, that he was obnoxious and juvenile and acted like an “immature jerk.”

"What the prosecution is going to try to do is convict Jason because he was not a great husband. I will stand here right now and tell you he was not a good husband,” Klinkosum told jurors. "It is OK to be angry at him and mad at him for the things he did."

But that doesn't make him a killer, he said.

“They have got to prove to you that he drove almost three hours back, brutally killed his wife and got out of that house, somehow, without getting a drop of blood anywhere outside that house or in his car," Klinkosum said.

"And they have got to answer to you why there is DNA in that house that doesn't match anyone who lived there. They've got to answer that. At the end of this case, when it's over, you are going to see there is no physical evidence that links Jason Young to this murder."

Read the whole story here.

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