Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Prosecutor Eric Bellas Charged with DWI

The lead prosecutor in the Zahra Baker case, Eric Bellas (right), was charged with DWI while attending the NC Conference of DA's annual conference on the North Carolina coast.

DWI's have become the punching bag of the legislature, as harsher and harsher penalties are added every year, without thought to the reality of widespread alcohol use in our society. A DWI has become a career ender for many. Hopefully, this will blow over for Mr. Bellas and he can do what's necessary to deal with his poor alcohol choices, without having his whole career and life destroyed as so many have before him.


Victor Eremita said...

Bellas DWI was later dismissed, after a Judge ruled that the arrest/seizure violated the 4th Amendment and suppressed all evidence relating to it.

Bellas was suspended without leave for a couple of weeks, but was reinstated and, to our knowledge, is still a prosecutor in Catawba County today.

Victor Eremita said...

Also of note, the DWI arrest was for conduct while riding a bike...