Thursday, July 28, 2011

Jason Young: Released on $900,000 Bond

Today, Jason Young's family posted a $900,000 bond for him. After being in jail for nearly 5 years and sitting through one murder trial, tried to a hung jury (8-4 for not guilty), he will now await his second trial out of custody.

CORRECTION: While the murder occurred in Nov. of 2006, Young wasn't charged until late 2009, so he was only in jail waiting trial for nearly two years, rather than five, as pointed out by a helpful commenter.


Anonymous said...

he was not jailed for five years. as a matter of fact, you have numerous incorrect facts in your postings regarding this case and stand to victimize victims even more than they have already been.

Victor Eremita said...

I doubt we're "victimizing" any victims around here.

But, you are right. Young was only in jail since 12/2009. It took the police 3 years to decide to charge him.