Thursday, July 7, 2011

Victim's Mother Criticizes Prosecutor in Michael Mead Case

The mother of Lucy Johnson, Michele Dye, has called for a "mistrial" in the Michael Mead case, because she believes that he will be found not guilty. Ms. Dye complains that the state hasn't put on a very good case against Mead (right). Mead is on trial for murder.

Her solution--declare a mistrial and re-try him.

The state has rested in the case and a "mistrial" due to weak evidence cannot and will not happen.

However, this is a very rare event where a victim family member publicly comments negatively about the prosecution while the trial is on-going.

QUOTES: "We need a new prosecutor," she said Wednesday outside the courtroom. "Lucy is not getting proper representation. The evidence is there." and Dye says the prosecution has presented a weak case, failed to present specific evidence or enough expert testimony.

Basically, the state's presentation has not convinced the mother of the victim beyond a reasonable doubt, although she continues to know in her heart that Mead did it. Will this same "weak evidence" convince the jury?

Mead faces death if convicted.

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