Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Closing in Stepp

Closing arguments are underway in the case of Joshua Stepp. He is charged with first degree murder and sex offenses.

Two issues are presented to the jury:

(1) Did Mr. Stepp sexually assault his stepdaughter before killing her?
(2) Did Mr. Stepp premeditate and deliberate before killing his step daughter?

If the jury finds either of these occurred, it will convict Mr. Stepp of first degree murder. If not, he is only guilty of 2nd degree murder.

Mr. Stepp, a veteran, who admits the killing, denies any sexual conduct and alleges that the killing was due to PTSD, stress, and drinking and losing control when the child would not stop crying. He says it was not planned.

The jury will likely begin deliberating tomorrow.

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