Tuesday, November 15, 2011

DA's Beg Legislature to Ignore the Evidence and Repeal RJA

Susan Doyle
Susan Doyle with the NC Conference of DA's is asking the legislature to repeal the RJA. A ground-breaking, in-depth study showed widespread bias in the capital cases. Most notably was that DA's were striking black jurors disproportionately in almost every case.

The DA's have fought scrutiny into the racial content of their decision-making--going as far as moving to strike a black judge from hearing the case (even though they made no such motions in other cases hearing RJA claims with white judges-- see story here).

Now, they seek a purely political out. Rather than having these important issues of discrimination in our systems of justice resolved by judges, based on facts, they'd like the legislature to give carte blanch to ignore the facts, and get back to ignoring racial discrimination.

Another sad day in North Carolina.

See press here.

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