Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cline Publicly Admonished for Filing False Motions

Cline, from N&O.
During a hearing today, Judge Hardin, a former prosecutor, admonished DA Tracey Cline for filing false motion. Cline apologized.

Cline filed false motions seeking visitation records from prison records of inmates, claiming that she was under a deadline to file a response to an MAR. The truth, no such MAR had been filed by the defendants.

These were the same cases that formed the basis for motions Cline filed challenged the integrity of Judge Orlando Hudson--a motion that were dismissed as utterly groundless.

Cline withdrew the request for the records.

A quiet groundswell is growing in Durham suggesting that Cline should be removed for her unethical actions. It is beginning to erupt, as Attorney Scott Holmes came forward in the last few days to call for her removal.

See article on Holmes calling for resignation and on Hardin admonishing Cline.

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