Monday, December 5, 2011

Judge Fox Dismisses Cline's Claims

Judge Fox dismisses Cline's Allegations
Tracey Cline, the elected DA of Durham County, filed a series of motions asking that Senior Resident Judge Orlando Hudson be removed from high profile murder cases. Her claim: he is biased against her and is treating her unfairly.

Judge Fox dismissed the claims, calling the evidence "woefully inadequate."

Cline's behavior has been increasingly erratic and problematic in Durham County. The News & Observer uncovered numerous incidents of her being less than candid with the court in it's Twisted Truth series. In the last few days, an allegation that she blatantly lied in a motion to Judge Hardin to gain access to records has come forth.

This, compounded with her decision to take on Judge Hudson and make scurrilous allegations against him, may be the death knell of her reign in Durham.

I'm sure this isn't over. Press below:


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