Friday, March 2, 2012

Jury Deliberating in Jason Young Trial

The Jury deliberated for 5 hours today in the retrial of Jason Young in Raleigh. They have gone home and will be back Monday at 9:30am.

From the N&O:

"Under the prosecution's theory, Young would have traveled just over 500 miles in less than 12 hours, bludgeoned his wife Michelle after about 340 miles, cleaned himself up from a bloody crime scene, gotten his toddler daughter cleaned up after she tracked tiny bloody footprints across the master bedroom and down the hall toward her bathroom and left her alone with her dead mother for hours.

Bryan Collins and Mike Klinkosum each argued that such a scenario is far-fetched. Investigators found no scratches or bruises on Young within days of the death, they found no electronic trace of him for almost eight hours between midnight and 7:40 a.m. They found no blood or other forensic evidence in Young's 2004 white Ford Explorer. DNA evidence and prints found inside the Youngs' master bedroom and home could not be linked to Young or any of the 160 people investigators tested.

"It doesn't make sense, ladies and gentlemen," Klinkosum contended repeatedly.
They argue that investigators focused on Jason Young from the outset as their prime suspect, "like a laser," ignoring details that did not mesh with that theory.
"If you decide what happened before you go investigate, instead of finding the truth, your investigation will merely accept the evidence that confirms your suspicions and reject what's in conflict with it," Collins said. "This case is full of that."'

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