Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Capital Murder Trial Underway in Raleigh

Colin Willoughby, desperately seeking a death sentence.
The capital murder trial of Jason Williford is underway in Raleigh. Jury selection is underway and will likely last for weeks.

The last two capital trials in Wake County, Joshua Stepp and Samuel Cooper, both ended in a jury verdict of less than death. Cooper was charged with the murder of 5; Stepp with raping and murdering a child.

Despite these two discouraging verdict, Wake County DA continues on in his quest to obtain a death sentence. Death penalty cases tie up the office--as murder trials last much longer and require additional personnel--limited resources that could be used elsewhere. Also, even if a death verdict is returned, instead of closure, the families get to endure 10-15 years of additional litigation as talented lawyers review and challenge all aspects of the case.

Instead of pleading these cases out for life without parole or trying them non-capitally, Willoughby continues his quixotic quest with state money. Isn't enough enough?

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