Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mistrial in 2nd Danny Hembree Case

A judge declared a mistrial in the Danny Hembree capital murder case in Gaston County.

Danny Hembree
Hembree was previously convicted of a different murder and placed on death row for the murder of Heather Catterton. This trial related to the death of Randi Saldana. Hembree alleges the death was an accident during sex (an accident he then tried to cover up by burning and hiding the body).

During the trial, Hembree brought up a letter alleging that he had sex with the assistant district attorney Stephanie Hamlin. At this point, his lawyers, Rick Beam and Brent Ratchford, moved to withdraw. The state objected and Hembree objected to their objection.
Saldana's sister then yelled out "Well I object to you killing my sister" or "You killed my sister you son of a bitch" according to differing reports. 

Judge Beal put an end to things and declared a mistrial. The saga continues.

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