Friday, May 11, 2012

Three Jurors Still Needed in Williford Trial

The capital murder trial of Jason Williford in Raleigh ended for the week, with still 3 more jurors to pick.

Jury selection takes much more time in capital murder cases than in regular murder cases, as each jury must be vetted on their death penalty views.

Each days costs the state greatly, as the appointed defense lawyers, ADAs, police officers, sheriffs, the judge, and clerks all have to be paid for their time--time that could be spent doing other things.

This concludes the 5th week of jury selection. 13 of 16 jurors are selected, so selection could continue for some time. Most murder cases are concluded--from start to finish--in less than 2 weeks.

Is it worth all this expense? If the case had been tried non-capitally, the defendant could have faced a punishment of life without the possibility of parole--a very harsh sentence--without these needed weeks of jury selection.

The only person capable of preventing that cost was elected DA Colin Willoughby. For some reason, he seems insistent on continuing to create these "high-profile" death cases in the face of repeated jury verdicts of life without parole.

And the price-tag keeps going up...

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