Thursday, June 14, 2012

House Votes to Repeal the Racial Justice Act

5 Democrats broke party ranks to vote with the Republicans to repeal the Racial Justice Act and forever outlaw analyzing discrimination in the capital justice system.

“There is absolutely no question at all under the law that this bill repeals the Racial Justice Act,” Rep. Deborah Ross said. “Just don’t go home and lie about it.”

Why repeal? Because that rock got uncovered and it was a little too icky.

Another bad day for everything good about North Carolina, courtesy of this legislature that is wrecking our state at the General Assembly. I guess they want to legislate away global warming, why not the existence of racism too? Can we declare poverty over while we're at it?

Wall of Shame: Democrats who love racism more than their party. 
Shockingly, all old white men.

Jim Crawford, Granville/Vance
William Brisson, Bladen/Cumberland
Bill Owens, Cam/Curr/Pas/Tyr

Dewey Hill, Brunswick/Columbus

Tim Spear, Cho/Dare/Hyde/Wash

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