Monday, June 11, 2012

Republicans at G.A. Want to Ignore Racism

Skip Stam: I Support Racial Discrimination
SB 416 is on the calendar today in judiciary committee.

The Bill is yet another attempt to repeal the racial justice act.

After a full hearing, in Cumberland County, Judge Weeks ruled that the defendant "introduced a wealth of evidence showing the persistent, pervasive, and distorting role of race in jury selection throughout North Carolina. The evidence, largely unrebutted by the State, requires relief in this case and should serve as a clear signal of the need for reform in capital jury selection proceedings in the future.”

What should we do in the face of overwhelming evidence of racism? According to the Republicans, we should pass a law to prevent the community from investigating ever again and forbid the judiciary from making ruling to correct it.

Bad government continues. Like rising sea tides, the Republicans think that they can legislate more ignorance. Thankfully, we have strong governor who has stood up to them before and hopefully will again.

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