Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Willoughby Rejected Life Offer in Williford Case Due to Race

Colin Willoughby, DA of Wake County, continues to spend state money recklessly on his quixotic quest for a Wake County death verdict.

Cost figures show Williford's counsel was paid over $700,000 for their time. Figures for DA time, court time, expert time, and police time are not included. The state has always fought for meticulous accounting of defense time and meticulous avoidance of counting of it's time, but you can bet the figure is well over a million.

Williford's lawyer offered a plea to life without parole over two years ago, to which Willoughby said he "had to seek the death penalty in this case with a white upper-middle-class family in order to seek it in cases involving poor black kids from the projects."

What a waste of our money!

See story here.

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