Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Death Penalty Trials, 2014

Eight cases were tried capitally before a jury in North Carolina last year.

Three cases ended in death:

Juan Rodriguez, Forsyth County.
Jonathan Richardson, Johnston County.
Bernard Lamp, Iredell County

Four cases ended in life without the possibility of parole.
Justin Hurd, Mecklenburg County.
Brian McQueen, Lee County.
Armand DeVega, Wake County.
Cedric Hobbs, Cumberland County.

One Case ended with a hung jury on the issue of guilt.
Demarcus Ivey, Mecklenburg County.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Cedric Hobbs Gets Life in Cumberland County

After the State spent three months trying to get death against Cedric Hobbs, a jury hung on the issue of punishment, resulting in a sentence of life without the possibility of parole. The press is reporting the jury was hung 11-1 for death.

At sentencing, Hobbs told the victim's family: "I apologize most to Mrs. Harris' family," he said. "I know they don't want to hear me talking. I know they probably think I'm just a monster without a heart who don't care. I can see they are good people. I can also put myself in that position because I would want restitution. Even though I know I don't deserve any type of sympathy, I ask for forgiveness from the family and everybody here that hates me right now."

Studies show that the State's decision to proceed capitally costs more than $500,000 more than proceeding non-capitally, rarely results in a death sentence, and even more rarely results in an execution.